Best Penis Pump Reviews

For men, penis performance always matter the most because of the fact that they want to satisfy their partners. Whether they admit it or not, their penises make them more masculine, gives them the oomph and advantage in bed. They can attract more girls once they can fully satisfy their partners.

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Product #1 Hydromax X-Series #2 Bathmate Direct #3 X4Labs Penis Pump
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However, just like any other parts of the human body, there are times when the penis encounters problems as well. The trouble may range from infertility issues to the simple problem in penis size. Some men are not gifted with that size they want to impress their partners in bed. Science has its own recommendations to give you the size you have been looking for your penis and among the list of options you have are penis pumps.

Penis Pumps – An Overview

Some of you may have your own thinking on how penis pumps may work to your advantage but please do not ever think they will grow your penis in size permanently. They are not made to do that. They have temporary functions with long-lasting benefits in that they can help you fulfill your sex life objectives. While they are temporary, they will surely give you and your partner the sexual satisfaction that you have always aspired for. They give you harder, stronger erections that will make you last longer in bed.

Choosing Penis Pumps

Since the inception of penis pumps, more and more products along the line have been introduced in the marker over the years. The options have flooded the internet thus giving you better access to this “gadget”. This makes the choice even harder for you and will give you headache knowing that choosing a penis pump is no trial and error. Once you have tried and tried, there are grave and severe effects on your penis.

The key to choosing a penis pump is knowing ultimately how the product works and noting that it does deliver the results. You cannot just base your assessment through gut feel. It is your responsibility to make sure that the product will always have what it takes to give you a sense of fulfillment in bed. Along the line of considering the penis pump that will be good for you, we recommend you consider some factors when making a choice.

First, you have to take note of what components make-up the penis pump. It is good to go for transparent cylinders since this will give you access or a better view of how the pump works on you. If something goes wrong along the process of using it, at least you will spot it with a transparent cylinder.

Second to the components, you also have to consider how others view this product. In this case, you are encouraged to read through consumer reviews of the product. Make sure the assessments are genuine (not paid advertisements, please!) and ensure that the product is backed up by experts in the field.

It is also wise to consider how the benefits are delivered with its cost. The accounting term for this is cost-benefit ratio which means that what you pay for should deliver the results you have been looking for in the penis pump.

Using all these things in our factors to a purchase, we have come up with our reviews of the best penis pumps in the market.

Top 3 Penis Pumps

#1 – Hydromax X-Series


A premium penis enlargement device, Hydromax X-Series is a product of choice for many men. Consider the fact that it is convenient to use anywhere, whether you are bathing or just in bed. The product also underwent countless improvements to meet the needs of these changing times.

Hydromax X-Series works as a great penis pump because of its so-called Bellow Pump System which has a new soft sealing. In other words, greater comfort for penis pumping is anticipated from the product’s use. Your testicle region and penis base will experience reduced pressure without necessarily suffering from slow improvement.

Moreover, it now has a full 360-degree positive rotation capability, which is presented by its Swivel Bellows feature. This will help you get a perfect view of your manhood in the pump’s chamber when used in the shower. Hydromax X-series has earned many awards:


Get this product that comes with a 60 days money back guarantee at a Standard package that costs only $159. Read full review here!

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#2 – Bathmate Direct


Erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement has been the major problem of men these days. This is the reason why manufacturers have released different solutions to correct this issue. Aside from male enhancement pills, penis enlargement devices have been circulating in the market.

The top two penis pump device in the market that gives outstanding results and positive feedbacks are Hydromax X-series and Bathmate Penis Enlargement Pump.

Hydromax X-series comes first in my reviews because it is already proven by research and supported by a group of Scientist that will help you improve the size and can sustain the erection for a long period of time. It is approved by medical doctors and will even help you fight Peyronie’s disease.

Bathmate Penis enlargement pump comes second to Hydromax X-series due to its promise outstanding results as well. It does not only improve the size but also the girth of your penis, thus giving you the edge to improve your sexual performance. Unlike Hydromax X-series, this device is only documented to have 95% success rate but also with thousands of satisfied consumers.

#3 – X4Labs Penis Pump


Next to Penomet, you also have a good penis pump in X4Labs Penis Pump. This penis pump has been made for the purpose of increasing blood circulation to the penis which will eventually increase its size.

X4Labs is made of medical-grade plastic and rubber that makes it also one of the convenient choices you have for penis pumping. This tool is outstanding for the fact that it can be used even by those who have sensitive skin. You will have better erection time with harder and stronger results on your penis.

X4Labs penis pump is currently being offered for only $39.95. This comes with the premium pump mechanism as well as the release valve and also has a premium lubricant sample.

#4 – Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump

Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump

A product from Converter Lab, Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump features a penile tube in vacuum cylinder that has a 2 by 8 inch size (girth by length). This electronic penis pump is battery operated and requires an AA size battery. It comes with a deluxe pouch and is gifted with three tension rings.

Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump is made to stimulate the penis thus producing longer, harder erections. The system is compact and safe to use apart from the fact that it is convenient in the sense that it can be used simply as well. It is innovational yet safe and enhances the penis the way you want it.

For a price of only $84.99, you can buy this product from Amazon and other websites out there.