3 Homemade Penis Enlargement Devices

The personality of one man is sometimes based on their size. They feel uncomfortable if they don’t meet the normal penis size. Well for those who under estimate their penis size can use some of the homemade penis enlargement devices. Just be careful in using them because nobody wants to have injured penis and at the same time a small penis.

Device #1: Hanging Weights

The use of hanging weights from the penis is one of the oldest ways of enlarging the penis and making it longer as well. For all the penis enlargement devices, you must consider your safety and how effective the homemade device is. Obviously hanging any amount of weight into the man’s penis should be taken into consideration before doing it. To perform the procedure, you have to make your own penis hanger wherein you’ll need 2pcs. wood or hardened plastic. Then make a hole on each side then thread a resilient string through the holes. Attach the holes with a bolt to prevent the weights from slipping back through the holes.Homemade Penis Enlargement Devices

Device #2: Wrapping a Piece of Cloth around the Penis

You must wrap a piece of cloth around the penis not only for comfort but also for protection. The risk of this procedure is the weights to injure the penis which can be temporary only or permanent. The second one is from rubbing and chafing of the apparatus. The recommended location to attach the device is to the shaft of the penis below its head. This way if there is any pain felt or any other type of discomfort like numbness or discoloration of the penis, the device can be removed at once.

Device #3: Two to Three Pound Weights

Originally the lines are attached to a 2 to 3 pound weight but as the days pile on top of one another, the weight is increased by ¼ pound in every 5 days. The main objective of this homemade penis weight hanging device is to add length and width to the penis without breaking it off.

Always be Careful

It is true that hanging weights from one’s penis seems a great idea and at times it can be done moderately and with ease, there is always a trick to make the device for your penis to feel comfortable. The 2.5 or 3 pounds is not that heavy for all you know but once it is attached to your penis, you’ll feel the real weight of it.

Take it Easy

The main objective is not to put too much stress on the penis at the start of the weight disbursement home apparatus program. Homemade penis enlargement devices are very cheap alternatives as compared to purchasing from a professional store. One thing is that you also need to consider the safety of anything that is attached to the penis.

You must follow the proven step by step technique of enlarging the penis naturally that works fast without the use of pumps and pills. By doing this you’ll be having the kind of manhood and confidence you are always wishing for.